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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
        <element refid="sql.user">
                <name base="user" />
                <FIELD name="NOM" label="Last Name" />
                <FIELD name="PRENOM" label="First name" />
                <FIELD name="PASSWORD" label="Password" />
                <FIELD name="PASSWORD_CONFIRM" label="Confirm" />
                <FIELD name="LOGIN" label="Login" />
                <FIELD name="SURNOM" label="Nickname" />
                <FIELD name="ADMIN" label="Administrator" titlelabel="Admin." />
                <FIELD name="ID_USER_RIGHT_COMMON" label="User rights" />
                <FIELD name="MAIL" label="E-Mail" />
                <FIELD name="DISABLED" label="Account disabled" />
                <FIELD name="TEL" label="Phone" titlelabel="Phone" />
        <element refid="sql.right">
                <name base="right" />
                <FIELD name="CODE" label="Code" />
                <FIELD name="NOM" label="Name" titlelabel="Name of right" />
                <FIELD name="DESCRIPTION" label="Description" titlelabel="Desc." />
        <element refid="sql.user-right">
                <name base="user right">
                        <variant refids="plural" value="users rights" />
                <FIELD name="ID_USER_COMMON" label="User" />
                <FIELD name="ID_RIGHT" label="Right" />
                <FIELD name="OBJECT" label="Object" />
                <FIELD name="user.right.parameters.editor" label="Object" />
                <FIELD name="HAVE_RIGHT" label="Right granted" titlelabel="Granted" />