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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
        <element refid="customersupport.ticket" nameClass="masculine" name="ticket de support">
                <FIELD name="STATUS" label="Status" />
                <FIELD name="LABEL" label="Libellé" />
                <FIELD name="ID_CLIENT" label="Client" />
                <FIELD name="NUMBER" label="Numéro" />
                <FIELD name="ID_USER_COMMON" label="Assigné à" />
                <FIELD name="INFOS" label="Détails du ticket" />
                <FIELD name="RATING" label="Priorité" />
                <FIELD name="TYPE" label="Type" />
                <FIELD name="REMIND_DATE" label="Prochain rappel le" />
                <FIELD name="DATE" label="Date" />
                <FIELD name="CLOSED_AND_ARCHIVED" label="Archivé" />
        <element refid="customersupport.ticket.history" nameClass="feminine" name="Intervention sur ticket">
                <FIELD name="ID_CUSTOMER_SUPPORT_TICKET" label="Ticket" />
                <FIELD name="ID_USER_COMMON" label="Utilisateur en charge" />
                <FIELD name="INFORMATION" label="Détails de l'intervention" />
                <FIELD name="DATE" label="Date" />