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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
        <TABLE name="LEAD">
                <FIELD name="NUMBER" label="Numéro" titlelabel="N°" />
                <FIELD name="NAME" label="Nom" />
                <FIELD name="DATE" label="Date" titlelabel="Date" />
                <FIELD name="COMPANY" label="Entreprise" titlelabel="Entreprise" />
                <FIELD name="FIRSTNAME" label="Prénom" titlelabel="Prénom" />
                <FIELD name="PHONE" label="Téléphone" titlelabel="Téléphone" />
                <FIELD name="MOBILE" label="Mobile" titlelabel="Mobile" />
                <FIELD name="FAX" label="Fax" titlelabel="Fax" />
                <FIELD name="EMAIL" label="Email" titlelabel="Email" />
                <FIELD name="WEBSITE" label="Site internet" titlelabel="Site internet" />
                <FIELD name="ID_ADRESSE" label="Adresse" titlelabel="Adresse" />
                <FIELD name="INFORMATION" label="Description" titlelabel="Description" />
                <FIELD name="INDUSTRY" label="Secteur d'activité" titlelabel="Secteur" />
                <FIELD name="REVENUE" label="Chiffre d'affaire" titlelabel="C.A." />
                <FIELD name="EMPLOYEES" label="Nombre de salariés" titlelabel="Salariés" />
                <FIELD name="RATING" label="Évaluation" titlelabel="Évaluation" />
                <FIELD name="SOURCE" label="Origine du contact" titlelabel="Origine" />
                <FIELD name="STATUS" label="Status" titlelabel="Status" />
                <FIELD name="ID_COMMERCIAL" label="Assigné à" titlelabel="Assigné à" />