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address.type.other=Other the total price will be calculated from the children! the kit will be replaced by his components! customer pricelist
invoice.address.same.main.address=Invoice address same as main address
delivery.address.same.main.address=Delivery address same as main address
additional.address=Additional address

register.missing.title=Configuration error
register.missing=The register n° {0} doesn\u2019t exist in the database.\n\nPlease create it or modify this host's configuration.
register.moved.title=Different host
register.moved=<html>It seems that this register has been moved.\
 You can ignore this message if for instance :\
<li>the user session has been renamed,</li>\
<li>the computer has been renamed,</li>\
<li>the register has changed computer.</li>\
</ul><p>If this isn\u2019t the case, please check that there isn\u2019t multiple installations with the same register number (n° {0}).\
<p>Do you want to ignore the message and continue or else quit the application?</html>

register.notReconciled.title=Incoherence of the opening state of the register
register.notReconciled.outsideMeddling=The files and/or data base were modified outside of this software.
register.notReconciled.resumeFailed=The opening or closure was interrupted, the process was resumed but it failed.
register.notReconciled.unknown=The opening of the register on this host and in the database was incoherent. \
 The state couldn\u2019t be reconciled.
# local open register was opened at different dates on this host ({localDate,date} at {localDate,time}) \
        and in the database ({remoteDate,date} at {remoteDate,time}).
register.notReconciled.localOpen_remoteClosed=The register is opened on this host ({localDate,date} at {localDate,time}) \
        but closed in the database ({remoteDate,date} at {remoteDate,time}).
register.notReconciled.localOpen_remoteMissing=The register is opened on this host ({localDate,date} at {localDate,time}) \
        but was never opened in the database.
# remote open
register.notReconciled.localMissing_remoteReopen=The register was opened multiple times in the database \
        (the last time {remoteDate,date} at {remoteDate,time}), but never on this host.
register.notReconciled.localOpenFailed_remoteOpen=The register was open in the database ({remoteDate,date} at {remoteDate,time}) \
        and the opening on this host failed.
register.notReconciled.localClosed_remoteCloseFailed=The register was closed on this host ({localDate,date} at {localDate,time}) \
        and the closure in the database failed.
register.notReconciled.localClosed_remoteOpen.datesMismatch=The register is closed on this host ({localDate,date} at {localDate,time}) \
        but open in the database ({remoteDate,date} at {remoteDate,time}). The opening and closure dates don\u2019t match.
# both closed
register.notReconciled.localMissing_remoteClosed=The register is closed in the database ({remoteDate,date} at {remoteDate,time}) \
        but was never used on this host.
register.notReconciled.closed.datesMismatch=The register is closed on this host ({localDate,date} at {localDate,time}) \
        and in the database ({remoteDate,date} at {remoteDate,time}), but with different dates.
register.notReconciled.localClosed_remoteMissing=The register is closed on this host ({localDate,date} at {localDate,time}) \
        but the database is empty.

sddMessage.generation.noneNeeded=No invoice needs {msgElem__singularIndefiniteArticle}.
sddMessage.generation.noneIgnored=The generated {msgElem__singular} includes {invoiceElem__definiteNumeral}.
sddMessage.generation.someIgnored={invoiceElemCount, plural, =0 {All invoices needing {msgElem__singularIndefiniteArticle} were ignored :}\
 other {The generated {msgElem__singular} includes {invoiceElem__indefiniteNumeral}, others were ignored :}}
sddMessage.generation.someIgnored.future={futureCount, plural, =1 {one because its due date was too far} other {# because their due dates were too far}}
sddMessage.generation.someIgnored.duplicateMandate={duplicateCount, plural, =1 {one because its mandate was shared with another invoice}\
 other {# because their mandates were shared with other invoices}}. You must generate again {msgElem__singularIndefiniteArticle}.
sddMessage.generation.someIgnored.missingInfo={missingInfoCount, plural, =1 {one because some information was missing} other {# because some information was missing}}

sales.shipment.allShipments=All shipments
sales.shipment.nonInvoicedShipments=Non invoiced shipments
sales.shipment.invoicedShipments=Invoiced shipments
sales.shipment.listTotal=Total of the shipments in the list

dateFilter.none=No filter
dateFilter.currentYear=Current year
dateFilter.previousYear=Previous year
dateFilter.currentMonth=Current month
dateFilter.previousMonth=Previous month
dateFilter.currentWeek=Current week
dateFilter.previousWeek=Previous week
dateFilter.currentFiscalYear=Current fiscal year
TotalPanel.purchaseTotal.taxExcluded=Purchase total excl tax
TotalPanel.service.taxExcluded=Service included excl tax excl tax incl tax total
TotalPanel.currencyTotal=Currency total
TotalPanel.ecoTax=Dont Eco-Contrib.
TotalPanel.estimatedBudget=Estimated budget

deliveryForm.applyClientRates=Apply client rates?
deliveryForm.cannotAdd.existingNumber=Cannot add, form number already exists.
deliveryForm.cannotCreate.notInStock=Cannot create the form, the following articles are out of stock : 
deliveryForm.numberRefreshed=The number has been refreshed to {0}
deliveryForm.shipAll=Ship all{elem__singular} of {elem__plural}

PanelOOSQLComponent.createSubscription=Create subscription
PanelOOSQLComponent.missingField=Cannot add a combo to choose templates because the field ID_MODELE is missing in the table {0}